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The Stag and Hound

In Praise of Shadows (1933) by the Japanese author, Tanizaki, is a lament of living with modern artificial illumination, of missing deep shadow and the profound experience of being a being in half-light. In bright light everything becomes homogenized, corporate, and possesses a ubiquitous sameness (political passivity). Tanizaki proposes how natural light and deep shadow … Continue reading The Stag and Hound


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Cyborg Dog Head


Vicki in Bits

This is the transcript of the text of the art-work ‘Vicki in bits’, made as part of The ‘Institute of Beasts’ project, first shown in its entirety at KdMOFA in June 2009. (Download a PDF of the transcript.) I am becoming comfortable in the corporate world, the world of transit, in the hotels and in … Continue reading Vicki in Bits


Loose Hamster

Video of hamster let loose in studio at night.