Midpointness day 10

Day 10



four philosophers and one artist discuss where art meets philosophy ( and vice versa ).
many thanks to Elizabeth Coleman, James Phillips, Jenny McMahon, Daniel von Sturmer and David Macarthur.




The first instalment of this project is coming to an end but there will be more to come. I’m going to ponder over the next few days and hopefully write some more. In the meantime I’d like to introduce a thought which emerged in my very tired mind last night as we were wrapping up.
The philosopher David Macarthur stated that the work of art was “that which was worthy of attention” (forgive me David  if I’ve not got that quite right ?). As we were then talking about  ‘community’ I felt ( and tried to articulate ) that the power of art was that it was primarily affirmative, that as well as it being worthy of attention, it also meant that I (as a subject) I could  (and indeed must)  say the following, ( in order to let the art in );
“I am worthy of offering my attentiveness to that which is worthy of attention”.
More of this later.